HTML5 needs an Angry Birds-style hit to validate the platform reckons FunMobility's Daniel Pfeiffer

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HTML5 needs an Angry Birds-style hit to validate the platform reckons FunMobility's Daniel Pfeiffer
Although it looks like Facebook has now delayed its Project Spartan reveal to a separate event, on the eve of its F8 conference, we thought we'd ask some of the companies in the vanguard of the mobile-social-browser revolution what they thought about all thing HTML5.

Here are the responses from Daniel Pfeiffer, VP of marketing at FunMobility.

Pocket Gamer: How important do you think HTML5, and by extension technology such as Facebook's Project Spartan, will be for mobile gaming?

Daniel Pfeiffer HTML5 and Project Spartan will be big for mobile gaming.

As HTML5 technology matures and allows for production values that are closer to those of native apps, we will see an increasing

proliferation of quality, triple-A titles that validate the platform.

Do you think Project Spartan will mean Facebook becomes a much more significant part of the mobile gaming ecosystem?

Yes, definitely. Giving consumers additional options for downloading content will 'raise the mobile gaming waters' for all mobile developers.

Meeting users where they already are online, and providing them with instant delivery methods for content will surely increase sales and distribution for mobile gaming titles.

If Facebook is able to effectively convert/sell to even a small portion of its overall user base, this cannot help but have a significant impact on the mobile gaming ecosystem.

What, specifically, is your company doing in this area?

FunMobility is looking to gamify communication by focusing on the real-time location-based engagement opportunities created by mobile technologies.

Additionally, we have built a real-time, multiplayer HTML5 game engine (FunChat Mobile Engagement Platform) that enables game developers to code once and distribute a title across web, iOS and Android platforms.

This allows developers to reach a large, growing FunChat userbase which provides great exposure and multiple revenue streams. We also fund production of select HTML5 titles, or can provide an SDK for those more inclined to do the development themselves.

App stores have been incredibly good distribution networks so do you think the rise of web technology will reduce their importance, or can both types of distribution prosper?

App stores will continue to be substantial outlets for content distribution, but they will be challenged by the other means consumers will have to acquire content with the rise of the mobile web.

We believe that while the market is big enough to support both platforms, ultimately one will become the dominant winner of hearts, minds and wallets.

Do you think the rise of HTML5 will impact Apple's position as the most powerful mobile gaming OS?

It certainly has a shot. This will be a factor of how fast the major game publishers port their content to HTML5 and begin supporting their day-in-date triple-A releases.

The tipping point will be when an Angry Birds-style HTML5 hit is born, garnering true cross-platform activity and thereby validating the platform in the perception of consumers and game developers as one of the major gaming mediums.

Thanks to Daniel for his time.
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