Chillingo co-GM Joe Wee on why iOS 5's AirPlay Mirroring is 'one huge leap' for mobile devs looking to lock up the living room

Line blurring between console and mobile gaming

Chillingo co-GM Joe Wee on why iOS 5's AirPlay Mirroring is 'one huge leap' for mobile devs looking to lock up the living room

There's no doubt mobile gaming is currently enjoying an inrush of new blood as those from the console scene look to make a move on the market.

As developers move one way, however, so the mobile industry itself seems to be moving the other.

AirPlay Mirroring, which allows users to stream iPhone games to their TVs via Apple TV, is already being billed as the first step by the Cupertino giant in a far wider move to take on Xbox 360, Wii and PS3.

We tackled Chillingo's co-general manger Joe Wee to see why he's excited by Apple's attempt to take over your living room.

PocketGamer: The update to Game Center looks set to import more Xbox Live-style features. How do you think this will increase user engagement?

Joe Wee: This is a step in the right direction to facilitate socialisation and collaboration which will ultimately drive user engagement. Social games will continue to thrive on this platform.

How do you think its game recommendations will change the promotional opportunities open to you?

Discoverability has always been the biggest challenge in our business.

The game recommendation features will only make it easier for users to discover games that are buried in the ocean of apps today.

Given AirPlay Mirroring requires Apple TV to function, do you see it playing a major role in releases on iOS 5, or is it a first step towards acclimatising iOS users to TV-based play?

AirPlay represents one huge leap in penetrating the living room for game developers.

The lines continues to blur between console and mobile gaming. We look forward to innovating new gaming experiences based on AirPlay.

Do you plan to work support for iCloud into past releases?

iCloud is a very welcomed technology to allow us to ensure continuity and game persistence of game play across devices. Ultimately, the consumer wins, because they have a seamless gaming experience. 

Is there anything missing from iOS 5 from a game development perspective? Where should Apple go next?

iOS 5 pushes the technical boundary again in game development - representing very exciting times for Chillingo and our indie developers.

Ultimately, we can make even cooler and ubiquitous games that live on various platforms that users can access anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to Joe for his time.

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