App-Promo's Gary Yentin on living, breathing and succeeding in app promotion

All about discovery, download and monetisation

App-Promo's Gary Yentin on living, breathing and succeeding in app promotion
There are plenty of agencies that handle marketing and app promotion.

And as its name suggests, App-Promo gets straight to the point concerning what it's all about.

We caught up with CEO and co-founder Gary Yentin to get his take on the difference the company offers.

Pocket Gamer: Why did you start App-Promo?

Gary Yentin: To solve the problem of app discovery for developers and app owners, in order to help them succeed with the business of their applications.

We researched that developers were creating apps but not thinking about the business side and wanted to help.

What makes App-Promo different from all the other marketing agencies?

App-Promo solely focuses its practices on the discovery, download and monetisation of mobile apps.

We understand, live and breath apps and mobile, smartphones and tablets, and hence we are able to quickly and effectively put together campaigns and use marketing tactics to help developers succeed.

We also have a large network of bloggers, media sites and other strategic partners in this space (OEMs, ad networks etc), which cater specifically to apps.

What platforms do you think you're particularly strong on?

All platforms but especially iOS, Android and Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Why did you decide to make your own best practises app?

App-Promo researched that developers - and small developers in particular - were in need of marketing assistance, but didn't have the money to get it.

So we created our own app to provide education and tips to help give them the knowledge and tools they needed to succeed.

How hands-on do you get in terms of issues such as user acquisition and incentivised downloads?

Very. App-Promo curates custom proposals and works directly with the app owner and developer on understanding their goals, their app, their competitors and their users and then work to find ways to maximise success using the information gained.

What do you think are the main challenges to promoting app virality?

Budget is the main concern. The second is the quality of the app (both in terms of its performance but more so whether it effectively fills a need in the target audience).

Thanks to Gary for his time.

You can find out more about App-Promo - including its app - via its website.
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