Ouya the trigger Android devs need to move beyond mobile, says HandyGames

Mobile devs are mobile devs no more

Ouya the trigger Android devs need to move beyond mobile, says HandyGames
Given HandyGames has stumped up $10,000 to support Ouya, there can be little question as to whether the German developer thinks the Android-based console will ever make it to market or not.

Indeed, according to CEO Christopher Kassulke, Ouya is less a risk and more a glaring opportunity, giving developers used to cutting their teeth on Android smartphones and tablets a route to a wider audience.

We caught up with Christopher for his take on why Ouya may be the catalyst for the big mobile break out.

Pocket Gamer: Announcing your $10,000 pledge, you talked about Ouya offering a good route to the TV market for mobile devs. Isn't this what smart TV platforms offer?

Christopher Kassulke: That you can play games on your Smart TV is nothing new but how many consumers know about it and use it? Does the average Joe really connect his mobile phone or tablet to the TV?

Ouya does one thing better than anything else - it drives attention to the fact that Android goes beyond mobile. Ouya focusess on what consumers and developers want - an open platform where free or freemium games are important.

Should mobile developers be looking to take on the TV market at all, though? What are the advantages?

Mobile developers are not only mobile developers any more – the Android ecosystem is designed to be way more than one for just tablets and phones.

The advantages are clear – bigger reach and another revenue stream.

$10,000 is Kickstarter's limit. Ideally, would you liked to have pledged more?

It's never about the money it’s about the passion and vision behind it.

We love and believe in our industry so I am quite sure we would have backed more as well if there would be a higher package with more goodies.

Many within the industry still don't see Ouya ever making it to market. Are you confident it'll see the light of day?

Many within the industry said mobile games wou;d never make it to market. Many within the industry said free and freemium titles would never make it to the market. Many within the industry want to keep the status quo.

Many within our industry are talking about the technical specification or the business model of Ouya. They only saw problems and excuses.

We see the chances and opportunities in platforms like Ouya. There aren't many pioneers around like us.

If Ouya is a success, what do you see it doing for mobile developers, and how do you see the console sector reacting?

We will see, but I guess it will react like it always does.

I personally hope some of them hear the wakeup call from consumers and developers. For developers it will be another possible revenue stream.
Thanks to Christopher for his time.

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