iPhone 5 could be the first to sell less than its predecessor, reckons Spilt Milk's Smith

But devs will like milking the tech

iPhone 5 could be the first to sell less than its predecessor, reckons Spilt Milk's Smith
On the surface, it's something of a bold prediction. Spilt Milk Studios MD Andrew Smith believes iPhone 5 may, at the end of its run, end up selling less than the iPhone 4S.

Then again, when you consider just how many units the 4S has shifted in its life to date, playing second fiddle is not only fairly likely, but also nothing to be ashamed of.

We caught up with Smith – also recently appointed as comms manager at AppyNation – to find out why, despite no major advancements, developers won't mind milking iPhone 5's tech for all its worth.

Pocket Gamer: Broadly speaking, what did you make of Apple's iPhone 5 unveiling?

Andrew Smith: It was what we've come to expect from Apple. Smooth, slick, long and desirable. And the phone's not bad, either.

Specifically from a developer's point of view, what features excite you the most about the new iPhone?

I'm torn. Part of me is happy the biggest change is the screen. More power is good too – or at least in line with what they've done before.

This all means that our jobs have only gotten minimally more complex when supporting all the devices out there.

But part of me was hoping for something a bit more…exciting. Something to really put the willies up the competition, and get developers all a-quiver with potential.

Is there anything missing from the device?

Honestly, only time will tell.

The only thing they have to worry about is being beaten to the jump with some amazing feature in the future, while the additions and changes to the storefront seem nice. Again the proof will be a few months down the line.

I doubt every game will suddenly see an uptick in sales, but the quality ones might have a longer tail.

I tend to be a bit conservative - life's hard enough without having to develop for a new machine with 3D holographic display and touch-a-rama technology. I'd rather concentrate on milking the existing tech.

What kind of impact do you think it will have on the market. Is this a guaranteed best seller?

It's an Apple product, it's got a bigger screen, and it's lovely to look at. I've no doubt it'll sell like hotcakes.

That said, it's probably the most conservative move Apple has made outside the 'S' versions of previous handsets. I can't call it, but I reckon this might be the first iPhone to sell less than its predecessor.

I'm probably wrong, though.
Thanks to Andrew for his time.

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