New Year, New Job: Boss Alien's Jason Avent how to break into the industry

Programmers remain in demand

New Year, New Job: Boss Alien's  Jason Avent how to break into the industry

With 2013 well and truly underway, now's typically the time when the industry's great and good take a quick look around and, CV willing, consider making a swift move to a rival firm.

But how can you stand out from the pack, and what are the skills that studios are really looking for in this industry?

To find out, we decided to sample the opinion of those leading the very firms folk may be eyeing up a move to, getting to grips with just what successful applicants have that sets them apart from the masses.

Next up, here's Jason Avent of CSR Racing studio Boss Alien with his top tips for finding a new job in 2013.

Pocket Gamer: What skills will be most in demand throughout the mobile games industry in 2013 and beyond?

Jason Avent: As ever, it's hard to find great programmers and it's becoming very competitive to get the best. Technical artists and UI designers are in demand too.

It helps that we're based in Brighton, have a great reputation with CSR Racing and a friendly and casual vibe at the studio.

What competencies and/or qualifications might your company be looking for from any candidates this year?

We look for first class honours degrees from our graduate programmer applicants or a 2:1 with excellent software or game demos.

For artists, we look for really strong traditional art skills because with intelligence, most people can learn the software packages that the job requires.

Everyone we hire has a positive and supportive attitude. It helps if you love games and can prove a good knowledge of games and design in general.

What's your one piece of advice for those seeking a new job in the industry in this year?

Open your email client and contact Boss Alien via jobs[at]

Working on high-end free-to-play games for mobile is very challenging and fun. We enjoy it more than anything we've done before and that includes working on big-budget console games.

It's much faster-moving, you get much better, quicker feedback and can respond more quickly to changes. It's very dynamic and constantly evolving. If you have what it takes to join us, you won't look back.

Thanks to Jason for his time.

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