Don't burst the bubble: King's Jan Wedekind on why Bubble Witch Saga needed a sequel

"You can't just republish the same game"

Don't burst the bubble: King's Jan Wedekind on why Bubble Witch Saga needed a sequel

King is seen by many as an analytics-driven company, so you might expect its business performance director to be all about the charts, graphs, quantitative reasoning, and little else.

If that's the case, then prepare to have your preconceptions smashed by this interview with Jan Wedekind.

Wedekind talks to us about the practical reasons Bubble Witch Saga needed a sequel, how Henry Ford and Steve Jobs have helped shape his philosophical approach to aiding game design, and the role of analytics in creation.

He also goes on to explain why creativity is so important on the global stage, and why King's reputation for being uncreative is both unfair and undeserved. Check the interview out in full below:

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Dedan Anderson
King makes best sequels the originals never had. Candy Crush is an amazing bejeweled sequel. Bubble Witch is a great puzzle bobble sequel. But you can only be so creative making a sequel.

Shame too since they have a process that can reduce the risk of original concepts but as far as i can tell, they don't use it at that level. Instead they test out already proven base game paradigms (yes bejeweled is fun) with low-risk newly added subsystems. Push your process a bit more (and push your designers) to come up with brand new puzzle mechanics.