Why Rami Ismail is against the current implementation of F2P

It's not true to the spirit of video gaming

Why Rami Ismail is against the current implementation of F2P

At Pocket Gamer Connects London 2015, AppSpy's Peter Willington spoke to Vlambeer's Rami Ismail about its new game Nuclear Throne.

It's a topdown Rogue-like about mutants - a "really fast action game" says Ismail - that's procedural generated and coming to PC, console and Vita.

More generally, however, Willington was keen to get Ismail's opinion on the F2P model that currently dominates the mobile gaming ecosystem.

"I'm not against F2P. I'm against the current implementation of F2P," Ismail said.

"Exploitative is not a word that I think is over-reaching."

Borked for dollars

The reason was he thought the current implementation "goes against what I think are the fundamentals of video games."

Notably is the notion that in many F2P games, people can pay money not to play part of games.

"You're not giving players the optimal version of your game," Ismail said.

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