Flaregames on how Zombie Gunship Inc fits into its boutique publishing approach

Klaas Kersting says fewer is more-r

Flaregames on how Zombie Gunship Inc fits into its boutique publishing approach

As well as making high quality games such as Royal Revolt 2, German outfit Flaregames is making a reputation for itself in terms of its publishing activities.

It's done deals with Fieldrunner dev Subatomic, start-ups Fuzzycube and Superweapon and now has announced it's working with US developer Limbic to help develop and publish its forthcoming Zombie Gunship, Inc..

Time to catch up again with Flaregames' ever enthusiastic CEO Klaas Kersting about how the new acquisition fits into his masterplan. You've signed up a lot of games so how active is your A&R activities? Do you have a certain number of games you're after?

Klaas Kersting: We have a boutique approach: We're after quality, we're not looking to fulfill a quota.

We look for very good developers, developers with games that have the potential to become cornerstones for our portfolio. We look for teams who share certain values with us, for proven teams with good records, much experience and solid reputations.

Our goal is to have a only handful of launches per year, but every one of these launches will make waves in the market.

Can you give any background about how you 'met' Limbic and how easy it was to complete a publishing deal?

Limbic is a good example of a developer after our tastes. We have been loosely acquainted for years, thought about working together for quite some time.

It's a well-loved (and well-tended) brand, it has a proven core gameplay.
Klaas Kersting

In the end, it was an easy decision as they tick every box:

  • Proven? Yes!
  • Good reputation? Yes!
  • Game fits our portfolio? Yes!
  • Cultural fit? Yes!
  • Experienced? Yes!
  • Nice guys? Yes!

What state is the game currently in?

We only started this year, and we are working on designing, testing and polishing the various elements in the experience.

We're taking our time. We want to stay true to the brand and still deliver a new, exciting gameplay experience.

How active will flaregames be in terms of advising Limbic with respect to monetisation and community features?

A product team is always defined as "developer team plus flare experts".

Flaregames' role is more or less the same in any collaboration. We choose dedicated specialists from flare and use them to bolster the dev's workforce, adding missing expertise wherever necessary.

Usually we help out with server technology, data analysis and monetization know-how. We help integrate the game in question into our publishing framework.

And we do all the things a publisher is supposed to do: producing, product management, marketing, PR.

We aim for a strong knowledge transfer in all phases of development, from prototyping to production to soft launch to live operations.

Zombie Gunship is an old, premium, US, single player brand. Why do you think it will appeal in globally 2016?

Ah, we were always fanboys.

When the first game was released it clearly struck a nerve with audiences. It's a well-loved (and well-tended) brand, it has a proven core gameplay.

What we have in mind with it is… going to be awesome.

You can read Limbic's view on the deal here.

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