How to get a job at one of Gameloft's 21 global studios

HR Manager Romain Delebecque shares insights

How to get a job at one of Gameloft's 21 global studios

Gameloft is one of the stalwarts of the mobile games industry, having been operating since the feature phone era.

Still going strong in 2016, with 21 studios worldwide, it 's one of the few companies to rank every year in's Top 50 Mobile Game Developers.

Setting a 2018 sales target of $390 million, it's currently making plans for the future with a number of vacancies across its international studios.

As such, reached out to HR Manager Romain Delebecque to learn what he's looking for in applicants, insight into company culture, and tips for breaking into the industry. Could you give us some background on Gameloft and what you do?

Romain Delebecque: Gameloft is one of the pioneers of the mobile gaming industry. We were founded in 1999.

In 15 years we grew from a small team to more than 6,000 colleagues in 50 locations around the world, which makes for a very exciting work environment. We have delivered well-known IPs and famous licenses on a wide variety of platforms, making us one of the leaders in mobile gaming.

In 2015, we were ranked the #2 iOS and Google Play game developer in the world.

Every position is unique.
Romain Delebecque

I joined Gameloft almost two years ago - first at the headquarters in Paris, and now in New York City.

I’m in charge of recruiting, among other challenges, for different locations around the world.

What specific areas/disciplines are you currently hiring in?

We have a lot of ongoing projects in our studios.

We seek a wide variety of talent, from game designers, programmers, artists, and even account executives for our new internal advertising agency, Gameloft Advertising Solutions.

As you're overseeing recruitment at Gameloft, what do you look for in candidates?

Our job would be too easy if we had a common list of requirements for our positions. Every position is unique!

Gameloft's Sao Paolo studio

If I had to pick one thing we are all looking for, it would probably be a passion for video games - particularly mobile gaming.

We don’t need every applicant to be an expert in mobile gaming.
Romain Delebecque

We don’t need every applicant to be an expert in mobile gaming, but we do need to feel that they have interest in this constantly evolving business.

Why do you think Gameloft is a good place to work? 

Gameloft offers real opportunities. We have enough projects going on that you would never feel bored! And even though we are a big company, we’re also able to keep a start-up mentality that makes everything easier.

You can also easily feel the international environment in every one of our offices around the world, and that is a big plus for all of us. Having so many cultures in one company creates a motivating atmosphere.

Gameloft Toronto

Gameloft has also been able to adapt very quickly to every market change. We continue to be a pioneer in every exciting new technology that arises.

What advice would you have for someone trying to get into the games industry?

Sometimes it feels like taking that first step in the industry is hard when you have no previous experience.

However, my main advice would be to play games, try a variety of them, understand the business behind them and be passionate. This will make sure you have every advantage available to you going forward.

And never give up: sometimes you need to work hard for your dreams!

To see all vacancies at Gameloft, you can visit its jobs page.

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