How to get a job at Trivia Crack developer Etermax

Recruiting Lead Fernanda Rodriguez shares insights

How to get a job at Trivia Crack developer Etermax

When Buenos Aires, Argentina-based developer Etermax launched its mobile trivia title Trivia Crack back in 2013, it featured content specifically tailored to a Latin American audience.

Starting small, the then-four-person team hoped that it could gain traction in its own backyard before targeting a worldwide audience.

After some smart culturalisation, Trivia Crack became truly global hit - and Etermax grew dramatically to more than 180 employees.

Still looking to grow, the studio is currently hiring in a number of areas.

As such, reached out to Recruiting Lead Fernanda Rodriguez to discuss company culture and what she looks for in candidates. Could you give us some background on Etermax and what you do?

Fernanda Rodriguez: Etermax was founded in 2009 by Maximo Cavazzani. At first, the company developed apps for the financial sector, and in 2011, we started developing mobile games.

Today, we are the leading company in social games in Latin America.

Under Cavazzani’s leadership, Etermax has reached more than 200 million downloads, and has a great team of more than 180 employees that grows daily.

Our greatest success so far has been Trivia Crack, which ranked as the most downloaded game worldwide for more than 60 consecutive days, and as the fifth most played.

Trivia Crack ranked as the most downloaded game worldwide for more than 60 consecutive days.
Fernanda Rodriguez

This game currently has more than 20 million monthly users and is available in 20 languages.

Apart from Trivia Crack, we have another 8 successful apps:

  • Trivia Crack Kingdoms,
  • Skydoms,
  • Aworded,
  • Word Crack,
  • Bingo Crack,
  • FCB Trivia Fans, and
  • Real Madrid Trivia Fans.

What specific areas are you currently hiring in?

We are looking to hire mobile developers, business intelligence analysts, content analysts, and digital artists.

All these are key players in the creation of a mobile game. We are also striving to expand our Artificial Intelligence R&D team.

As you're overseeing recruitment at Etermax, what do you look for in candidates?

Usually, we look for candidates with high seniority and solid technical training, but above all we value curiosity.

We like people who can be independent but also good team players.

Here at Etermax, we aim to adopt methodologies without rigid structures and hierarchies. In line with this, we are implementing multidisciplinary teams where everyone can be autonomous and make well-founded decisions.

Why do you think Etermax is a good place to work? 

Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of Etermax is that we work in a fun industry and we combine educational, gaming and social content.

We are based in Buenos Aires and have a global impact - that makes us one of a kind in Latin America, as we compete directly with companies from Silicon Valley.

We are a company that strives to stay on the edge with the latest technology and methodology. That is why we promote R&D and train our employees continuously.

Another thing that makes us proud is that we don't work for clients - rather, we produce our own products every step of the way, from development to testing to user support.

Moreover, the work environment is quite relaxed and every team member, regardless of their age, position or length of employment, has a chance to voice their opinions.

Every team member, regardless of their age, position or length of employment, has a chance to voice their opinion.
Fernanda Rodriguez

Periodic activities are organized to foster this warm environment. For example, every month we have different special events: celebrating the start of fall, Valentine's or Halloween.

Also, on our Sweet Fridays, everybody gets candy! Additionally, since the office is a bit far from the city center, Etermax provides a shuttle service for employees.

This means every morning, several mini buses leave from different points of the city and pick people up, bringing them to the office.

We also have a soccer team which trains every Thursday at a nearby field and participates in a tournament with other companies.

What advice would you have for someone trying to get into the games industry?

Having a solid technical foundation is key, but curiosity for new technologies is also valued. This field seeks people who are self-taught and, as already mentioned, can work autonomously.

You can see all current vacancies by heading to the Etermax jobs page.

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