PGbiz Podcast #4 - Money, Mergers and Metaverse with Kelly Vero

Developer, disruptor, future gazer and creative badass Kelly Vero chats to the team

PGbiz Podcast #4 - Money, Mergers and Metaverse with Kelly Vero

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Yes on episode four of the world’s favourite podcast - and that’s official - we’re looking at the past, present and future of mobile games.

Once again, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. All the topics, all the talks, all the top tips and talent you could possibly need, piped directly into your ears for your comfort and convenience.

News roundup

In this show, we’re talking about the current key trends in the games market. More mergers, more acquisitions, more money. New studios and new games hitting that incredible billion mark. Whether it’s in dollars or downloads, that’s a LOT of games. (02m:00s)

We cover the growing number of members in the 'Billions club'. Whether it’s downloads or dollars, ever more companies across the mobile games market are pulling in some seriously big numbers. (07m:25s)

We also mention music in the metaverse. With news of new tours, greater gigs, and online album launches, are Fortnite and Roblox now the best place to catch the biggest acts and the new hot up-and-coming artists? (10m:00s)

Kelly Vero superhero

Our special guest in episode four is the astonishing, epic and riveting - in every sense of the word - Kelly Vero. A games industry veteran, media expert, future gazer, and self-confessed creative badass, Kelly explores the past, present and future of the games industry.

We discuss the changing role of developers, the opportunities and challenges facing game creators. Streaming games, the metaverse, and much, much more. (13m:30s)

Whatever your role in games. Whether you’re a creator, a publisher, a producer, or a player, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Event rundown

We also run down the biggest events heading your way from Steel Media, from our Big Indie Pitch to our next round table, exploring how to create the next big hypercasual hit.

Listen in

You can find episode four, featuring our conversation with Kelly on the dedicated Podcast page. You can also find all of our other episodes, as well as links to the growing number of platforms you can find us on, from Spotify and Anchor, through to Apple, Google and PocketCasts.

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Back in 2004 Brian created the Scottish Games Network, the industry body for the country's videogames sector. He also lectures at Napier University on the transformative power of interactive media on the creative industries, is a board member of Creative Edinburgh, and helps to organise games, tech and creative industries events.

In his spare time he plays videogames and is usually, proudly, at least one generation behind the cutting edge consoles.