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New jobs for mobile game coders, artists and sales managers

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New jobs for mobile game coders, artists and sales managers
The new jobs board offers a uniquely targeted channel where mobile games companies can find well-qualified new employees for less than the cost of a new console game.

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Here's a few of the jobs already on offer:

Digital Chocolate is hiring a new Sales Manager

The position is located in Barcelona. The ideal candidate should have experience working in Sales at a mobile content, handset manufacturer, interactive entertainment, consumer packaged goods or media and entertainment company. Specific experience in the video game industry is a plus.

Digital Chocolate is also after a Senior Game Artist

Based in Finland, the company says it is seeking 2D Senior Artists to join their existing talent pool.

Mobile game developer C4M has a Sales position

Based in Paris. The ideal candidate has worked as business developer at a mobile content, interactive entertainment, IT servicing, or ad agency company. Specific experience in development services sales is a plus.

Ideaworks 3D is looking for a Console Lead Programmer

The successful candidate will head up development projects on console platforms (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) and may extend to iPhone and next-generation mobile platforms featuring OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics APIs.

Finblade is looking for freelance developersThe company is taking names for future iPhone, Android and Smartphone projects. Telecommute is viable, although candidates should be able to attend infrequent meetings in London / Eastleigh.


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