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Tapjoy names former Zynga man Rob Dyer as VP of dev relations

Dyer's "diverse experience" key

Tapjoy names former Zynga man Rob Dyer as VP of dev relations

Mobile ad-tech and montisation firm Tapjoy has announced the hiring of Rob Dyer, former head of publishing at Zynga, as its new senior VP of developer relations.

Dyer, who has 23 years of industry experience under his belt, has racked up an impressive CV that includes high profile positions at the likes of PlayStation, Eidos, and Crystal Dynamics.

Speaking out about the next step in his journey, Dyer revealed that Tapjoy's dynamic partners, along with the mobile space's constantly evolving nature, attracted him to the company. 

"As a unique and compelling leader in the ad-tech space, Tapjoy partners with the very best and most dynamic app developers in mobile," Dyer said.

"I'm most excited about embracing the incredible new challenges and opportunities within this constantly evolving space, and to help the Tapjoy leadership execute our vision and strategy of creating the most value for our partners."

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Naturally, the higher-up's at Tapjoy are delighted to have got their man, with Steve Wadsworth, Tapjoy president and CEO, welcoming Dyer's "diverse experience".

"We're incredibly excited to have Rob Dyer join the Tapjoy team as our SVP Developer Relations," said Wadsworth.

"Bringing in someone of Rob's caliber and diverse experience adds yet another well-versed industry veteran to our executive leadership team.

"Rob's experience with both publishing and platform companies will have a significant impact on how we continue to drive value for our clients and partners."


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