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As it expands to 3D games, Game Insight appoints Anatoly Ropotov as new CEO

Take me to another dimension

As it expands to 3D games, Game Insight appoints Anatoly Ropotov as new CEO

Lithuanian mobile developer Game Insight has appointed Anatoly Ropotov, the firm's former chief experience officer, as its new CEO.

Ropotov will lead the company into a new dimension, with as it looks to meet the growing expectations of its players by expanding production to focus on 3D gaming, although it will still continue to make some 2D games in the casual sim/tycoon and hidden objects genres. 

Game Insight will develop its 3D games using Unity, with its "all-new product line up" expected to be released across multiple platforms.

One for all

Game Insight chairman Igor Matsanyuk believes Ropotov, who has over 15 years of games industry experience and has been credited on over 100 titles, is the perfect man for the job.

“Anatoly has always been a leading team player at Game Insight," said Matsanyuk.

"His immense contribution to the company’s development as well as business results has built a strong foundation and enabled him to move further in management to drive the company in advancing its goals and ensuring successful launches of our 3D games."

One forthcoming title that highlights this new approach is 3D RPG runner Running Shadow.


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