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Following $15 million investment, Kiwi poaches talent from EA, Zynga and GREE

Console transition

Following $15 million investment, Kiwi poaches talent from EA, Zynga and GREE

US F2P outfit Kiwi has brought in new talent to help the firm create exciting, triple-A experiences for mobile devices.

The new faces are:

  • Eric Todd, who becomes Kiwk's creative director, has 15 years experience with the likes of Maxis, EA and Playdom/Disney, were he previously worked with Kiwi's co-founders.
  • Jason Woodward becomes executive producer. He spent almost 20 years at EA working on the likes of Godfather, The Simpsons and Dead Space
  • Wes Culver becomes director of product. He previously worked at EA, Zynga and DNA Games.
  • Pratik Patel, previously at EA, becomes Kiwi's lead gameplay engineer.
  • Finally, Shawn Peter joins from GREE, where he was studio director, working on the likes of Knights & Dragons and NFL Shuffle. He becomes Kiwi's art director. 

The new hires follow Kiwi closing a $15 million Series B round.

Force for change

Kiwi CEO, Omar Siddiqui, believes that his new recruits will have a positive impact from day one.

“Eric, Jason, Wes, Pratik and Shawn have been a driving force behind some of the most successful triple-A games in PC, console and mobile," said Siddiqui.

“They will have an enormously positive impact on Kiwi’s business and the future of what it means to be triple-A on mobile platforms as we combine the best of free-to-play systems design with the polish and quality of console level game development.”


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