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Goodgame Studios hires 1000th staff member to become biggest German studio

And firm still looking for more talent

Goodgame Studios hires 1000th staff member to become biggest German studio

Free-to-play, mobile, and browser game developer Goodgame studios has welcomed hired its 1000th employee, cementing the firm's status as the largest game software developer in Germany.

Since it set up shop five years ago, Goodgame has grown exponentially, with the German outfit hiring over 400 people in the last 12 months alone.

Perhaps more shocking is the fact that Goodgame is still looking for several hundred new recruits, and, while the company has explained it is looking for talent in all areas, it has also revealed that mobile client developers and online marketers are "especially in demand".

Natural selection

Dr. Christian Wawrzinek, the COO and co-founder of Goodgame Studios, has explained that while such growth might seem overly ambitious to outsiders, it is, in fact, essential.

"We're convinced that this targeted increase in staff is necessary for the lasting and sustainable growth of the company," said Wawrzinek.

Despite the large number of new employees, we have extremely rigorous standards when selecting staff and only hire around 1.5% of all applicants.

"We also search for the best talent all around the globe in order to meet our high demand."

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