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Fingersoft seeks programmers fluent in C++ and OpenGL, offers Finland's biggest hot tub

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Fingersoft seeks programmers fluent in C++ and OpenGL, offers Finland's biggest hot tub

Fuelled by the massive success of Hill Climb Racing, Finnish developer Fingersoft - a self-styled 'business of fun' - is looking for two game programmers to join its ranks.

The firm is searching for programmers fluent in C++ and OpenGL, while plenty of experience is also a must. 

Ideally, applicants will be also extremely passionate about both coding and gaming. 

Certainly, it's good timing considering Rovio's layoffs, although Fingersoft is based in Oulu in Northern Finland.

Programming in style

Clearly not scared of overhyping its employee benefits, Fingersoft is trying to tempt talented programmers with an unbelievable buffet of perks. It almost sounds too good to be true...

"Would you like to be able to spend time in a house which has a brand spanking new Ferrari in the garage, Finland's biggest hot tub and a self-replenishing beer fridge? If beer's not your thing, how about the best smoked whiskies and a mixture of fine cognacs with cola?" read a company statement.

"The summers are spent grilling and the in winter, going to sauna. Whenever there's a reason, epic parties are organised. In addition to all this you get a proper salary with bonuses.

"A brand new camper van comes with the house, allowing family trips to Yyteri, and then there are the frequently infrequent trips abroad. There are already some awesome people hanging out in the house, but there's still room for two more."

To find out more about Fingersoft's job openings, just click right here.


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