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Gunjin Games on the look out for C#/C++ programmer

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Gunjin Games on the look out for C#/C++ programmer

Brighton-based development studio Gunjin Games is looking for a programmer to join its team of industry veterans and work on an as yet unannounced original mobile IP.

Those looking to apply must have excellent C# and C++ engineering skills, experience in Unity, at least one high quality shipped game under their belt, as well as enthusiasm and passion by the bucketload.

The role on offer is full time and based in central Brighton.

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The Gunjin Games team believes the opportunity would suit a candidate looking to get in on the ground level and become an integral part of a growing team.

"This is a great opportunity to join our currently small programmer team. You’ll be joining us during pre-production so the successful candidate will be an integral part of this growing team from the start, developing a game that has focused goals with a strong and unique design built on solid foundations," read a Gunjin statement.

"We can’t reveal too many details about the project right now, but we can say that it’s an original IP, on mobile, likely to be using Unity, and with a focus on being a fun, deep experience, as well as having commercial success designed in from the start.

"Despite being a new studio we have solid financial foundations and a clear plan for this game and beyond."

If you think you've got what it takes to work at Gunjin, you can find out more by clicking here.


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