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Vivid Games looking to hire an experienced data analyst

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Vivid Games looking to hire an experienced data analyst

Vivid Games is searching for an experienced data analyst to work closely with its development team in order to improve a variety of gameplay and monetisation elements.

The Bydgoszc, Poland studio has explained it will only consider candidates with over 2 years experience in the industry.

A BA or BSc in economics, statistics, math, computer science, or other quantitative field is also a must.

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Ultimately, the firm wants to bring in someone who isn't overwhelmed when confronted with large quantities of data, and who has creative skills needed to pinpoint design flaws.

"Together with the growth of our brands we are planning to expand our analytical team," read a Vivid statement.

"The data analyst will be working closely with our development team to help them interpret data to recommend changes with a focus on ways to understand the user experience within our games.

"The data analyst must be able to look at large amount of data, identify and understand trends and then communicate them along with recommendations to the team."

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