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Gumi Canada opens doors as Japanese publisher starts hiring in Vancouver

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Gumi Canada opens doors as Japanese publisher starts hiring in Vancouver

Fast-expanding Japanese publisher Gumi has announced that its new subsidiary Gumi Canada is now open.

Located in Metrotown Towers of Burnaby, British Columbia, the studio is focused on developing firstparty games specifically for the North American market.

VP of Western Studios, AJ Redmer - previously with Microsoft Game Studios - is heading up the operation, while former Capcom and Ninja Theory senior producer Chris Rowe will be leading the development team and studio as executive producer.

Vancouver's the place

"We believe in a 'think global, act local' approach to mobile game development, which is focused on going beyond localization and developing unique games for each market," commented AJ Redmer.

"This includes hiring the best local talent and expertise in each market, and having our feet on the ground. By working closely with the B.C. government and opening a dedicated studio in Vancouver, we are able to execute on our vision of a worldwide company with a truly local development approach for each game we ship."


The studio will work in conjunction with Gumi's publishing operation in San Francisco and US development team in Austin, Texas.

Gumi Canada is now hiring and will be posting details of available positions on its website.

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