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King hiring hard for its Berlin office

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King hiring hard for its Berlin office

Candy Crush Saga developer King has a number of positions to fill at its office in Berlin, Germany.

The giant mobile company is looking for developers, producers, artists, designers, and managers who share in the company's grand vision.

According to a King statement, ideal candidates will be experimental, creative problem solvers who are as comfortable working independently as they are in a group.

Passion is king

"We know that the continued success of depends on preserving the amazing culture we have, so ‘fit’ is extremely important," read a company statement.

"We work in small, collaborative Scrum teams where everyone is involved in coming up with feature and game ideas. We are problem solvers, constantly reviewing how and why we do things and learning from each other.

"We are experimental, trying out new tech and ideas and willing to take risks to drive the entire industry forward. We are sociable and fun, and we like to hang out together.

"We are passionate, some might even say quirky, and while we love what we do our lives are about more than work. We love games, and are obsessed with creating the best player experience."

If you think you fit the bill, find out more by clicking right here.


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