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Vainglory looks to Twitch, hiring George 'Zekent' Liu as video community manager

Building community

Vainglory looks to Twitch, hiring George 'Zekent' Liu as video community manager

Despite heavy promotion from Apple - not to mention the general critical acclaim the game has generated - Super Evil Megacorp's Vainglory is yet to spark into profit on the App Store.

As our Charticle demonstrated, in the US and EU5 top grossing charts, the MOBA remains well outside the top 200.

But that doesn't mean Vainglory won't make the mark, only that more work is required.

And that's what Super Evil is now doing. The news that it's hired George 'Zekent' Liu as its video community manager is just one part of this.

Going viral

With 17 million views on his Twitch stream, 2.4 million views on YouTube, and 13,600 followers on Twitter, Zekent is an expert League of Legends player, and will now be managing the official Vainglory Twitch stream and working with other streamers and content creators to continue to build its community.

Indeed, demonstrating the power of the moving image, Super Evil is hosting influential YouTubers and Twitchers as it reveals upcoming new hero, Skaarfungandr, aka Skaarf - a cute little flamethrower who thrives at dealing long-range and area-of-effect damage.


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Kristian Segerstrale COO / Executive Director at Super Evil Megacorp
Thanks guys for covering the story. Thanks also for the earlier analysis on revenue trends on the App Store.

We think of Vainglory not so much as a mobile game, but rather as a core free-to-play title more akin what you would expect to see on a PC. Except that we are building it entirely natively on touch screens - what we hope will become a true next generation core gaming platform.

As should be amply clear from anyone who plays the game, revenue is not at all a priority right now. It's pretty difficult to even find things to spend money on in the game given the free hero rotation. And we're frankly amazed at how many players are stepping forward to support us at this point. And we're very grateful for all the support from our players, the community and from our partners.

We will measure success in years, not days or months. For now our entire focus is on creating a game and a gaming community that we as core gamers would care about ourselves. We're super excited about the new hero and features we'll be announcing on Friday's 1pm PST livestream and couldn't be happier that George "Zekent" Liu chose to join us to help shape the video creator community moving forward.

Thanks for the continued coverage of our quest to bring about the next big evolution in the touch screen gaming market!
jon jordan
thanks Kristian

We'll certainly be keeping an eye on how the game progresses during 2015