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Ubisoft graduate program opens for 2015 business

Opportunity to work with a top studio somewhere in the world

Ubisoft graduate program opens for 2015 business

Aspiring developers and soon-to-be graduates may want to check out the Ubisoft Graduate Program, which has returned for 2015 and opened its doors for applications.

The Assasin’s Creed publisher launched the scheme last year, offering candidates the chance to work at some of its biggest studios around the world over a two-year period.

The initiative runs across three disciplines: project management, online programming, and gameplay programming.

Successful candidates will find themselves in their first year working at a Ubisoft studio within their own country.

The following year will send them abroad to one of 13 other studios, including: Ubisoft's internal Paris, Annecy, Montpellier, Kiev, Bucharest, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and its Singapore studios, plus Redlynx, Reflections, RedStorm and Massive Entertainment.

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The bill for relocating abroad, plus all housing expenses, will be picked up by Ubisoft for the year abroad - on top of a full paid salary for both years.

Eventually, the hope is that once candidates complete the program they will want to successfully apply for a job at Ubisoft where they can put all their new experience into practice.

"Through this program, aspiring developers have a unique opportunity to enter into a fast-placed workplace where they'll be able to get plenty of hands-on experience working within an international team," communications specialist Anne Lewis wrote on the Ubisoft blog.

"And the best part is, there's no prior work experience required."

If you’re interested, applications are now open. Head over to Ubisoft’s official website to apply by 31 January. The program is open to anyone that will have graduated by September 2015.

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