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PlayRaven are on the hunt for a new team to make the next Spymaster game

Can you redefine touchscreen espionage?

PlayRaven are on the hunt for a new team to make the next Spymaster game

Helsinki-based game industry veterans PlayRaven are taking their tactical brand of WWII espionage to the next level with a brand new Spymaster game.

This time they're looking to build a development team from the ground up.

Speaking of their plans, CEO and Co-Founder Lasse Seppänen wants to take the opportunity to put the future of Spymaster in the hands of a new team.

"The launch of the first Spymaster game was extremely validating. Our goal was to create something unique in terms of theme, aesthetics and mechanics. We were thrilled to see it shoot up the App Store download charts all around the world," he says.

Spymaster was a success. Its sequel will be even better

"We believe the touch screen audience is ready for completely new experiences that can capture the attention of people from different walks of life.

"To guarantee a fresh point of view we're giving Spymaster's rich world of espionage to a new team to run with."

New team, new lead

PlayRaven has appointed Paul Kurowski, former Creative Director at Crytek Shanghai, to lead the new team.

"Paul's varied and lengthy career in games includes the Grand Theft Auto series (GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas) and Alice: Madness Returns.

"He's the perfect fit to take the game forward," Seppänen adds.

Kurowski will be working with Seppänen to recruit the following roles for the new team:

Together they will work on redefining the world of Spymaster. Apply at