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Herocraft marketing man Alexey Sazonov announces Krabwerk start-up

Kaliningrad gets a new developer

Herocraft marketing man Alexey Sazonov announces Krabwerk start-up

Well-known on the industry scene, Herocraft's sales and marketing director Alexey Sazonov has left the Kaliningrad studio to set up his own outfit.

Called Krabwerk, Sazonov says he will announce more details in the near future.

"The thing I'm working on is something completely different," he adds.

"I was patiently waiting and that took me 20 years to realize that no one is going to innovate in one of the genres I love.

"It's time to take matters in my own hands, especially that I got this taste of being also a producer, working on an awesome game with greatest people."

Russia's Hong Kong

During his 8 years at Herocraft, Sazonov was involved in the success of several games franchises, including Majesty Mobile and Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf.

As for Kaliningrad, it's a Russian enclave located between Poland and

"The region's authorities is are doing a lot to activate start-up culture and welcome IT investors," Sazonov explains.

"Game development is flourishing; this small region has about 30
companies and over 300 people working in games industry.

"It seems like a good place to stay and start a new chapter."

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