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Ex-EA technical director Adalberto Bruno joins Marmalade

Fast-tracking new platform integration

Ex-EA technical director Adalberto Bruno joins Marmalade

Cross-platform app development platform Marmalade has announced Adalberto Bruno as its VP of Technology Services.

He will be spearheading the London company's move to integrate new platforms into the Marmalade development community, as well as leveraging Marmalade's mature SDK products to support new hardware.

As ever, the goal will be to enable developers using Marmalade to reach new markets quickly and easily.

Mobile native

Prior to joining Marmalade, Adalberto was a strategic technology consultant working across gaming, computer vision and virtual reality, including 8 years as a technical director at EA.

"We're thrilled to have Adalberto join Marmalade's leadership team," said the company's CEO Harvey Elliot.

"Both the company and the market are developing rapidly, and Adalberto's expertise working at the cutting edge of mobile gaming and visual simulation will be invaluable both in ensuring Marmalade continues to offer a world class development platform, and helping our customers continually expand their reach and stay one step ahead of the competition."

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