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Zynga hires ex-EA Mobile EVP Frank Gibeau

Joins Bing Gordon on the board

Zynga hires ex-EA Mobile EVP Frank Gibeau

Following on from Frank Gibeau's surprise move out of EA Mobile, the experienced exec has re-entered the games business, turning up at Zynga.

Gibeau will join the company's board of directors where he will serve alongside other ex-EA executives as William "Bing" Gordon.

New man

"Zynga has the products, the people and the powerful plan needed to make its mission to connect the world through games a reality," commented Gibeau.

"Mark's [Pincus'] uncompromising passion for Zynga and commitment to social games is unparalleled.

"I look forward to partnering with him and my fellow board members during this incredibly exciting time for Zynga and the broader mobile gaming industry."

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