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Tilting Point hires Gameloft Americas VP Samir El Agili as its new CPO

Staffing up

Tilting Point hires Gameloft Americas VP Samir El Agili as its new CPO

Nextgen publisher Tilting Point has boosted its brain bank with a new chief product officer.

Previously VP of Production for the US and Latin America at Gameloft, Samir El Agili worked on games such as Spider-Man Unlimited and Cars: Fast as Lightning.

Indeed, he's used to operating at scale as he managed seven development studios, with a total headcount of over 800 staff.

New moves

At Tilting Point, El Agili will switch focus, working only with external developers.

The New York-based company says it's currently seeing a lot of demand from European studios for its services, as well as preparing for its first non-mobile release when Leo's Fortune launches for Xbox One, PS4, and PC later in 2015.

“The mobile game industry has changed tremendously in the ten years I’ve spent at Gameloft," commented El Agili.

"What started as a gold rush for independent developers has changed into an imbalanced market, heavily favoring a few entrenched companies.

These days, independent developers need more than a great game to hit the charts. They need specialized resources and technology to compete against very well-equipped rivals."

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