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Boomlagoon founder Tuomas Erikoinen goes solo with Part Time Monkey

Former CCO steps down to pursue indie dev

Boomlagoon founder Tuomas Erikoinen goes solo with Part Time Monkey

Tuomas Erikoinen, founder of Helsinki-based studio Boomlagoon, has made the decision to go it alone with a one-man experiment tackling ads, public data, and premium pricing on mobile.

The new endeavour, called Part Time Monkey, promises to be very open and creativity-led.

Announcing his plans via the company blog, Erikoinen writes that "[the] idea is to be open about my goals, process and ideas in order to get the purest feedback possible."

He goes on to write that this will include public data, web versions of game prototypes, and blog posts about ideas and concepts. "I also try not to be too serious about this stuff, rather just enjoy creating," he adds.

A screenshot of Part Time Monkey's debut project Tim - The Unsatisfied Artist

Part Time Monkey's first project, Tim - The Unsatisfied Artist, is said to be a Flappy Bird-esque experiment in self-publishing and Unity ads rather than an attempt at gaining users or making significant revenue.

After all, a blog post reports that total development time on the project was a mere 1.5 weeks.

Erikoinen has an art background (hence the theme of his first solo project), having worked as an artist at Rovio for 6 years before setting up Boomlagoon in April 2012. He was the firm's CCO before stepping down to pursue Part-Time Monkey.

You can follow Erikoinen's latest projects on the Part Time Monkey blog.

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