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Supercell hiring a competitive gaming expert to establish Clash Royale as first mobile eSport

Write your own playbook

Supercell hiring a competitive gaming expert to establish Clash Royale as first mobile eSport

Since the launch of Clash Royale - and even before, with some of the more high-profile Clash of Clans tournments - Supercell has been increasingly moving into the mobile eSports space.  

Its first official tournament attracted an online audience of millions, and Supercell has recently published its own tournament guidelines for those wanting to host their own Clash Royale events.

Tip of the iceberg

Now, making its intentions more explicit than ever, the Finnish firm is advertising for an eSports and Competition Marketing role.

"Today’s eSports experience is built for console and PC games, but with the massive reach and ubiquity of mobile devices, we believe it can become much more accessible and mainstream than ever before," reads the listing.

"We’re looking for someone that can help us define what eSports means on mobile and what competition means to Clash Royale."

It's a senior role, requiring a minimum of 10 years in "games/sports/entertainment/media industries" and 5 years in competitive gaming.

This comes with the caveat, however, that the successful candidate will have "the preference to work without a playbook and to write an entirely new one."

Supercell is already the best-positioned firm to seize the opportunity that is mobile eSports, and this job listing is just a further statement of its intent.

More details are available on the full listing.

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Robert Garfinkle User Acquisition Manager at Nexon
Not exactly sure how this is news.... Don't you have to declare sponsored content?
jon jordan
Err... If it was a sponsored article, we would say so. Given mobile eSports is one of 2016's big trends, we think this is news.