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Oculus hiring over 100 new staff as it boosts AR and future tech development

Developing new headsets and experiences

Oculus hiring over 100 new staff as it boosts AR and future tech development

Oculus has started a hiring drive for over 100 new employees as it begins to tackle AR and future devices to be developed by the company.

33 of the jobs listed are based at Oculus Research, a division focused on future technologies. Roles include an AR Incubation Lead that will help "build AR technology that opens the path to everyday use for a billion people".

The AR Incubation Lead will also be tasked with building Oculus' AR team. It will be working on the technology and developing complete prototypes "to create a truly compelling AR experience".

Money to burn

Oculus is also hiring heavily in its Software and Hardware departments. The roles are located globally at various Oculus offices.

The company has plenty of money to spend on its developments – at its most recent Oculus Connects event, it offered $500 million in funding to VR developers across multiple disciplines.

It also showcased a new headset it was developing that was pitched at a level between its Gear VR and Oculus Rift technologies. The hiring drive could be used to speed up development of this future technology among other projects.


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