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Finnish studio PlayRaven hiring for top secret project on well-known game IP

Seven new job vacancies open up at mobile developer

Finnish studio PlayRaven hiring for top secret project on well-known game IP

Finnish mobile games developer PlayRaven is currently hiring for a number of positions at the company as it ramps up work on a top secret new project based on a well-known game IP.

The vacant positions, which you can find on our jobs board, include:

Founded in 2013, PlayRaven has worked on mobile games such as strategy titles Spymaster and Robocide.

The experienced, international team currently consists of 22 employees who have experience at companies including Remedy Entertainment, Rockstar Games, Supecell, Wooga and Unity.

The studio aims to grow however and plans to have around 30 to 40 employees by the end of the year.

“Pretty much everyone at PlayRaven has an innovative streak,” said PlayRaven Director of Marketing and Business Development Robin Squire.

“People here have been working in games for a while, they're experienced and believe in carving their own way to a successful product through new ideas, and also have the sheer determination to understand and adapt to a new, increasingly popular games market. And they want the control that PlayRaven gives them to achieve this goal.

“PlayRaven is a safe haven for people who share these same values.”

Open environment

As is often the case in Helsinki’s hotbed of games development, Squire said the studio works hard to foster a relaxed, open environment.

“Our passion for diehard innovation is also the basis of our company culture at PlayRaven,” he said.

“There's a lot of communication between games teams, learning from one another, playing each other's prototypes, sharing feedback on each other's projects and so on. Helsinki as a whole is quite transparent and has a strong development scene, which is something that international members of our team tend to really value.”

Though already based in a city full of talented developers, PlayRaven’s team is made up of staff from numerous countries. As such, Squire said the studio offers assistance and support with relocation for job-seekers who are currently based outside of Helsinki and Finland.

Other perks at the studio include employee stock option packages and healthcare benefits.

For further details about PlayRaven, visit the studio’s website.

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