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Dash Galactic developer Kiz Studios struck by layoffs

Number of job losses not specified

Dash Galactic developer Kiz Studios struck by layoffs

Kiz Studios has laid off a number of staff as it aims to “adjust to current market trends”.

As reported by Gamasutra, the developer confirmed the redundancies after earlier reports on social media suggested staff had lost their jobs.

A spokesperson for the company said its three studios across the UK and US would remain in operation.

It did not specify how many layoffs there were or if certain studios were affected more than others.

Adjusting to the market

"On February 22nd, 2017, Kiz Studios restructured three of our gaming studios in order to focus on our new Global Services practice," read a statement.

"This process maintains strong teams in our Charleston, Atlanta and UK studios while allowing us to adjust to current market trends and continue the development of high quality games."

Kiz Studios has worked on a number of mobile games including Dash Galactic, Wonky Ship and Little Bigfoot.

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