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Indie enthusiast Kirk Scott leaves Nintendo of America

He was there for five years

Indie enthusiast Kirk Scott leaves Nintendo of America

Nintendo of America third-party developer and publisher manager Kirk Scott has left the company.

Scott confirmed the news on Twitter (below). He was with the company for five years and held his role as third-party developer and publisher manager for the entirety of that time.

Before Nintendo, Scott worked for Amazon as a senior producer for almost two years. Prior to that, he worked for PopCap Games in the same role for four and a half years, and also served as senior producer for VU Games for more than six years.

Scott got his start in the industry at Electronic Arts where he worked as a marketing assistant for EA Sports.

Going indie

As an indie enthusiast, Scott has become committed to helping those in the sector.

"Opening doors for minorities, being inclusive, and enabling success for everyone in the indie space is a priority for me. It brings me joy. I can't wait to continue this work with all of you. We have an opportunity to make things better for others and educate while making great games," said Scott.

In February, former Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Amie departed the company.

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