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10 games industry jobs to apply for this week

Job vacancies from Epic Games, Respawn Entertainment, Alpha Dog Games and Riot Games

10 games industry jobs to apply for this week

A job search can be a long and arduous process, venturing from job board to job board sometimes not even knowing what positions are out there.

Coupled with the difficulties faced in job markets in the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of people are struggling to know where to start.

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Each week at, we will spotlight the diverse reservoir of positions available within the games industry, from industry-leading games developers to indie studios currently searching for the next shining star to add to their team.

This week we have gathered 10 interesting positions currently available from industry-leading mobile games developers across the world, including the likes of Epic Games, Respawn Entertainment, Alpha Dog Games, Riot Games and more.

You can also head on over to our Jobs Board for a selection of open positions now on offer.

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  • Scopely

    Scopely logo

    Job title: Senior Technical Artist

    Location: California, US

    Job description: Scopely is in search of a senior technical artist to join our development team.

    You’ll collaborate closely with art and engineering, working on tools and pipeline to ensure a rock-solid development cycle. Your passion for games helps you bring interesting characters and environments to life, and contribute to one of the most exciting game experiences.

    If you’re thinking about joining our close-knit team you should love games, be world-class at making them, and understand fundamentally that great business results come from great games and loyal players. At Scopely Playa Vista, you’ll be working with some of the best developers in the world from hit games and franchises including Command & Conquer, Battle for Middle-earth, God of War, and Diablo.

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  • Starform

    Starform logo

    Job title: Lead Software Engineer

    Location: Washington, US

    Job description: As a software engineer at Starform, your primary role will be to partner with our game designers to create great online gameplay.

    You will continue to evolve our technical platform for building scalable connected games, as well as contribute to the development of new back-end services, graphics rendering techniques, workflow tools, and robust APIs and frameworks.

    We're looking for an experienced software engineer who is comfortable working on game features, maintaining and improving the content pipeline, observing live data, and deploying servers. You will collaborate with and learn from others while tackling a variety of tasks.

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  • Plarium

    Plarium logo

    Job title: Game Designer

    Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

    Job description: Plarium Kharkiv is looking for talented game designers to join our game design and analytics department, which is responsible for game design, analysis, feature concepts, and game balance across our multiple projects.

    The team contains a number of specialists in data analysis, project documentation design, and UX design. They come up with technical solutions that enable other teams and departments to use game data efficiently. The successful applicant will be working on a new third-person shooter with other specialists.

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  • Epic Games

    Epic Games logo

    Job title: Lead Mobile Engineer

    Locations: Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and the UK

    Job description: You will be the mobile platform expert. You will partner closely with backend services teams and other client teams, ensuring that the underlying systems we build are scalable and secure. You can expect to contribute across a variety of online game features and hardware platforms, not just mobile.

    Our team builds an SDK that exposes game services for third party game development teams all over the world: Epic Online Services. We currently focus on systems like matchmaking, player inventory, leaderboards, achievements, voice chat, parties, and more.

    Driving the plug-in power behind Unreal Engine 4. We bridge connections for licensees and our own internal game teams to online services.

    This allows games like Fortnite to utilise a combination of platform online services as well as Epic’s own online services to build cross-platform online features. Login, parties, voice chat, matchmaking, purchasing, cloud storage and analytics are just a few examples of online features that our online game services team helps games utilise.

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  • Respawn Entertainment

    Respawn Entertainment logo

    Job title: Quality Designer

    Location: California, US

    Job description: We're looking for an accomplished lead QA analyst to join 'Apex Legends Mobile' as a quality designer.

    We are looking for someone who is passionate about making high-quality great games in a collaborative environment with a team of experienced professionals.This includes collaboration with the QA development managers to satisfy schedules of test coverage and project metrics.

    We're picturing someone who is experienced in mobile game development, passionate and eager about quality and uses data to protect the player experience. They will work embedded within the team, improve QA practice across EA, have a quality mindset from a consumer perspective, and be an advocate in game design and implementation decisions.

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  • Zynga

    Zynga logo

    Job title: Concept Artist

    Location: Bangalore, India

    Job description: Zynga is looking for an expert and talented concept artist to join the team in Bangalore. You will work closely with the art director and producer to create stunning realistic imagery for our mobile and web products.

    You will be responsible for conceiving and finishing high quality and dynamic casino themed scenes with life-like, interesting characters used in-game and for promotional purposes. You will also be responsible for visualisation, conceiving various assets and characters used throughout the game.

    The concept artist will work with the art director and producer, creating art assets that drive the visual identity of the game. This artist will also create final in-game artwork, style guide and placeholder artwork. The concept artist will create whimsical, fantasy-themed and realistic themed illustrations similar to what might be done for theme parks, video games, animation films, toys etcetera.

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  • Riot Games

    Riot Games logo

    Job title: Esports Broadcast Producer (Wild Rift)

    Location: Seoul, South Korea

    Job description: As an esports broadcast producer, you'll direct Wild Rift esports broadcasts, collaborate with esports teams globally in the planning, pre-production, and execution of live broadcasts. You'll challenge conventional hours and days and go beyond rote process scheduling to jump in front of hitches before they become glitches.

    As a Rioter in Seoul, you’ll join a tight-knit group of exceptionally bright-minded individuals who share our prioritisation of player experience, rejection of convention, and passion for gaming. Riot Games Korea is dedicated to creating tailored player experiences that show local players they aren’t lost in translation.

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  • Tripledot Studios

    Tripledot Studios logo

    Job title: Live Operations Specialist

    Location: London, UK

    Job description: The live ops specialist will be the live ops manager’s right hand and work to execute the different monetisation strategies that will motivate and encourage players to play and pay.

    As a live ops specialist, you will manage day-to-day operations from end to end, QA and coordination, of both monetisation and technical requests in order to drive performance. You will create A/B tests across different channels to optimise campaign performance.

    You will be creating ongoing CRM activities to drive retention and engagement and work across different player segments in order to increase engagement.

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  • Alpha Dog Games (Bethesda)

    Alpha Dog Games (Bethesda) logo

    Job title: Senior Mobile Product Manager

    Location: Maryland, US

    Job description: Alpha Dog Games is looking for a senior mobile product manager to join the team. This position will sit in the Rockville office but will be supporting the Alpha Dog team in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    Your role will be to analyse user data and design features that will provide measurable improvements to our games. You will also be responsible for collaborating with studio directors, producers, game designers, engineers, and senior leadership to ensure measurable improvements to the financial and social performance of our mobile games.

    Work with some of the biggest IP in the industry using quantitative and qualitative data to drive success in free-to-play games and ensure a great experience for our players. If you have a passion for data and mobile games, this role is for you.

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  • TiMi Studios (Tencent)

    TiMi Studios (Tencent) logo

    Job title: Producer

    Location: California or Washington, US

    Job description: TiMi Studios seeks a producer who can help us build the next blockbuster game for gaming communities around the world.

    We are a new, yet to be named team within TiMi looking for someone who wants to make fun games to be played and enjoyed for years to come. We are passionate about players and about listening to their feedback to create new, compelling experiences.

    You will manage project planning, balance scope and capacity, evaluate and track progress, risks, and mitigations for a portion of the game. You will manage the daily work of distributed teams, collaborate to evolve and implement processes, and will continue to grow in your craft as part of the production team, reporting to the studio’s lead producer.

    You will create the conditions for the team’s success and will be instrumental in enabling a group of talented developers to create an extraordinary game.

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