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Game Security Architecture Engineer

Software Engineer - Development - Toronto, Canada

Job Title Game Security Architecture Engineer
Job Description

The Role


  • Responsible for the security architecture of the game product line, from the architecture level Sort out the overall security situation of the product line, provide better solutions, and avoid major risks 2.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of the defense-in-depth system of the product line, obtain the required security products, tools and platforms, and improve the overall security defense capability 3.
  • Promote the in-depth and efficient implementation of SDLC in the game product line, and continuously improve basic security capabilities, such as intrusion detection, vulnerability mining, etc.


  • Bachelor degree or above in information security, computer, communication or related majors, more than 3 years of security architecture design and implementation of large Internet enterprises 2.
  • Have a systematic and comprehensive grasp of security, be familiar with physical, host, network, virtual, and application security, and have an in-depth understanding of many of these areas (such as web security, mobile security, virtualization security, cloud security, cryptography etc.) 3.
  • Understand the industry's mainstream security standards, security models, security solutions, and security systems 4.
  • Have strong owner awareness, security awareness and risk management capabilities good cross-team collaboration, driving force, communication skills, Self-driving force 5.
  • Experience in game industry R&D is preferred


Sector Development
Category Software Engineer
Level Mid-Level
Hours Full Time
Date Posted 22 June 2022
Recruiter ByteDance
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