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Knowledge Base: Indie Marketing 101

Knowledge Base: Indie Marketing 101

Topic Area: Marketing

Level: Introductory, Intermediate

So what is Indie Marketing?

Marketing is the process of getting your game noticed by the public, and specifically the target audience of your title.

Marketing is a very broad topic, even when whittled down to focus indie developers, but includes dealing with press and influencers, creating marketable content such as a website, press releases and trailers, promoting your game at exhibitions and other avenues like creating viral campaigns.

Why is it important?

All games need a marketing push to ensure they get seen by players who may be interested in playing it and paying for it. Without a marketing plan, your game, no matter how good, may struggle to gain traction.

That doesn't mean it's not possible, of course, or that such a campaign will break the bank, but it is a crucial part of making maximising your game's a success.

Who is this course for?

This course is for indie developers looking for where they can promote their game and wanting to understand how to develop a successful marketing strategy. This course will cover marketing avenues, case studies and putting together a strategy to promote your game.

Check out the Course Content tab above for the full course. We'll be updating this throughout the week as more parts of the course are made live, so be sure to check back for more information!

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