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Mobile Games University - ASO 101: How to choose the best app name

Why your app's name is important for ASO and SEO

Mobile Games University - ASO 101: How to choose the best app name

Choosing the name of your game is always a difficult decision, but, depending on your marketing plan, it’s also a good idea to think of the wider ramifications of your app’s name.

Below are some useful guides on using keywords to help you get downloads, and understanding how a game’s name can affect SEO both on the app stores and the wider web.

Naming your mobile game is not like naming a movie. Use Keywords to get downloads and build a solid brand
Indie developer Robert McCrady discusses how an app’s name can be used to your advantage when it comes to app store optimization.

Developer’s guide to marketing an app – How to name an application
A series of steps to naming your app, as well as various tools and resources that could be used to help you find the right title for your game.

Tips for naming your mobile app or game
An analysis of 8,000 apps on the US App Store top charts reveals what goes in to making an app’s name, as well as a breakdown of the most common methods and words that are used.

The top free games on the App Store as of October 20th

How to name a video game in 5 steps
Developers Elyot Grant discusses how the game Prismata got its name, and the considerations, such as the legal consequences, you must consider when coming up with a title.

Choosing the right name for your game
Though not strictly about mobile, this article about a Half-Life 2 mod called Grey delves into the wider reaching ramifications and game’s name could have outside of just the app stores.

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