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Knowledge Base - UA 101: An overview of the different types of paid user acquisition and ads on mobile

A breakdown of user acquisition types and which avenues you might consider

Knowledge Base - UA 101: An overview of the different types of paid user acquisition and ads on mobile

There are numerous methods you can use to attract players to your game, particularly if you’re willing to invest some money.

There are various types of advertising you can take advantage of, from native to interstitial, banners and videos. You can also use a variety of ad networks to help you get the message out to millions of potential players about your new app.

Below you’ll find articles that go into detail about many of the advertising types and formats, and how you can take advantage of them.

The AppsFlyer Performance Index

When it comes to choosing the right ad network, which you may find advice on below, the AppsFlyer Performance Index will help you make a decision that helps you get the most bang for your buck. The team has researched more than 5,000 apps to measure installs and retention amongst the top gaming and non-gaming media sources.

Guidance Report: Mobile native advertising

This extensive report by the Mobile Marketing Association goes into detail about what exactly native advertising is, and how to get the most out of it.

Twitter tips: Understanding handles impact on UA

Fiksu offers general app advice on using Twitter to acquire users.

User acquisition for mobile games on Facebook

In this eBook, Fiksu looks into how to create an effective Facebook campaigns to help bring in users to your game by studying results from eight million downloads.

Game developers: Best practices for banner ads

This documentation discusses the best practices for integrating banner and interstitial ads into games using the Google Ads SDK.

The top gaming media sources, as judged by AppsFlyer.

Interstitial ads a major factor in digital advertising

An introduction to the basics of interstitial ads and their impact on mobile app.

Interstitial ads on Android

An introduction to interstitial Ads and how to integrate them into your Android apps using the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

3 Best Performing mobile game video ads

Chartboost delves into the makeup of three mobile game adverts and analyses what makes them so successful.

Creating app ads

Learn how to run ads for your mobile or desktop app in Facebook's news feed.

A game developer’s guide to mobile video ads

Chirag Leuva breaks down the different types of video ads, how marketers can use them effectively, and how developers can integrate them into their games.

Unity study reveals the future of mobile game monetization

This report looks into detail about how in-game advertising can monetise users, and provides an interesting insight into the most engaging types of advertising.

Biz Daily: Will Instagram be the next UA goldmine?

PocketGamer’s Jon Jordan discusses whether Instagram’s 300 million+ audience will be a powerful channel for games UA.

Introducing new interactive ads to drive app installs

Google’s new interactive ads are designed to let users play a game within an ad, with the aim of increasing retention and ROI of players.

Apple introduces Search Ads

Apple is introducing a new way to promote apps within App Store search results to help users discover your app, based on their keyword searches.

3 user acquisition channels that will explode in 2016

Why Instagram, Snapchat and Google app streaming could be big for user acquisition in 2016.

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