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The Mobile Gaming Mavens on the chances of iPad 3 coming with added power, puppies, and a free tissue dispenser

Surreal doesn’t cover it

The Mobile Gaming Mavens on the chances of iPad 3 coming with added power, puppies, and a free tissue dispenser

The Mobile Mavens is our panel of experts drawn from all sectors of the mobile gaming industry.

This week, with the industry preparing for Mobile World Congress, GDC and Apple's long trailed and much leaked iPad 3 announcement, we asked them:

What news will excite, surprise and delight you during the next two weeks?


Dave Castelnuovo Owner Bolt Creative

I would personally love it if the iPad 3 has two analog sticks, two shoulder buttons, a D-pad and four action buttons. This would delight me.

Jani Kahrama Founder Secret Exit

It would be delightful if the 20MB cap for 3G downloads from the days of yore was adjusted to meet the content needs of devices with retina displays. To see the restriction totally removed would be exciting.

Matt 'Mills' Miller Co-Founder / CEO Ustwo games

Mills co-founded ustwo, a digital products and services studio back in 2004.

In 2013, after successfully launching Whale Trail, he set up ustwo games to focus on creating beautiful gaming experiences. Recent titles include Blip Blupand the forthcoming Monument Valley.

I'd like it to come with a really small chubby puppy that you could hold and cry into when your games fail to sell.

Dave Castelnuovo Owner Bolt Creative

Perhaps they can come with a mechanised arm and tissue dispenser. Siri would chime in with "there there" as you wipe away your tears and the arm strokes your back.

John Ozimek Co-founder Big Games Machine

John is co-founder of PR and marketing company Big Ideas Machine. Also an all-round nice guy...

I have to admit, when I made it to the end of that first sentence, I was expecting a very different second sentence.

My boring but sensible answers. Firstly, operators need to offer proper unlimited data bundles for tablets - clearly consumers will stick to wifi unless there's better value out there.

A better app store experience built into the UI - iTunes is beginning to creak a bit now. Maybe we'll see something from the acquisition of Chomp?

I actually think that devs and media companies are still developing their strategies for the iPad, so another new device won't make a big difference as it's just more of the same. If it's got LTE built in, then that's a play for the US, and there's hardly any coverage in Europe yet.

David Thomson Founder Ludometrics

Anyway, aside from what's already been mentioned, my completely unsubstantiated rumour-mongering guess is: there won't be an iPad 3. There will be an iPad 2S and an Apple TV with an App Store.

[people id="11" name="Brian Baglow"]

I am expecting Nokia to come out of nowhere with a proper follow up to the 6600 and at a stroke pull the rug out from under Apple's feet.[/people]

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