FinBlade releases first two Android games

WordSearch and MovieQuiz debut on Handango

FinBlade releases first two Android games

UK developer FinBlade has released its first two games for Google's Android mobile platform, but they're not on the Android Market store.

Instead, they've been released on apps retailer Handango, allowing the developer to charge for them.

WordSearch (pictured) is a port of the iPhone game of the same name, and costs $6.99. It's been a good seller on the App Store, so should do well on Android too.

Meanwhile, MovieQuiz looks like a considerably souped-up version of the Total Film Quiz mobile game that FinBlade developed for Hands-On Mobile earlier this year. It also costs $6.99.

Developers and publishers won't be able to charge for Android games on Android Market until early next year, but Handango is clearly benefitting from those who want to jump the gun.

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