Digital Chocolate reveals 8 million iPhone game downloads

Finding success on the App Store

Digital Chocolate reveals 8 million iPhone game downloads
Digital Chocolate has announced that its five iPhone games have been downloaded more than eight million times from the App Store since the first title launched in December.

To be specific, that total includes both the paid and free versions of Crazy Penguin Catapult, Tower Bloxx Deluxe, 3D Brick Breaker Revolution, Chocolate Shop Frenzy and Diamond Islands.

The announcement follows the news the other day that Gameloft has sold two million paid downloads of its iPhone games.

"Based on the app downloads chart they [Apple] just showed this week, we have represented two per cent of all downloads of all kinds since we made our debut," says CEO Trip Hawkins.

There are more stats, too. DChoc says the free versions of all five games are currently nestled in the Top 90 free iPhone games chart, and that in total more than 200,000 iPhone users have reviewed the publisher's games - with 37,000 five-star reviews for Crazy Penguin Catapult alone.

The question, of course, is how those eight million downloads break down between free and paid - as that'll be what defines how much money DChoc is making from iPhone.

The company is clearly hoping for a new sales boost this month too - it's announced that all five titles will have their prices cut to $2.99 for the rest of March.

We'll leave you with Hawkins' quotes from the announcement, which are too good not to use:

"Apple is showing many industries how the world can take computers, content, community, and retailing to a new level. If I brought a man from Mars down to Earth and showed him a Wal-Mart, the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and the on-device iPhone App Store experience, which do you think he would find the most amazing?"


"This merchandising model on a mobile device is the wave of the future and will someday be used by billions of people. For consumers, this experience is well beyond what the writers of Star Trek came up with when given thousands of years to imagine. It is arguably the greatest achievement in the history of human commerce."

Marvellous stuff. And in all seriousness, it's great to see companies like Digital Chocolate and Gameloft trumpeting multi-million download figures on iPhone.

Now, who's next to stump up some figures...

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