Android angle for Google Ventures?

Rumours swirling around Google's plans for VC arm

Android angle for Google Ventures?
Plans appear to be well underway for the launch of Google Ventures, a new venture capital arm for Google that may have a focus on Android-related investments.

At least, that's the gossip after a Reuters reporter spotted the name badge of Android co-founder Rich Miner (pictured) at a conference last week with Google Ventures as his affiliation.

After chasing it up, Reuters got this quote from Google: "It's a project we're working on. But we're not able to discuss the details right now."

Establishing an investment arm with some kind of focus on Android would make sense for Google, giving Android apps a similar source of funding to iPhone's iFund and BlackBerry's BlackBerry Partners Fund.

ngmoco is one of the games firms to have benefited from iFund investment, so Google Ventures could be highly relevant to developers looking to create innovative Android games.
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