Handango launches white-label app stores

App Store Accelerator initiative goes live

Handango launches white-label app stores
Are there any mobile firms who HAVEN'T got their own app stores by now. Well, yes actually. Operators, a few handset makers, retailers. And this is exactly the people who Handango is targeting with its new App Store Accelerator scheme.

It's essentially a white-label app store that lets any of these companies sell smartphone applications to their customers, without having to invest pots of time and money creating their own app store.

The service includes content management, developer and reconciliation management, billing APIs and second line customer support.

Handango hopes its existing developer relationships - its own store boasts more than 140,000 apps from nearly 24,000 developers - will make App Store Accelerator appealing for potential customers.

"A vast content catalog offering and quick time to market are critical components for success in the current environment," says SVP and general manager of channel distribution Eric Anderson.

However, Handango isn't the only company training its sights on these customers. Handmark is another firm offering app stores to operators and handset firms, for example.

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