Steve Jobs looking after new Apple device

Bigger than an iPhone, smaller than a MacBook

Steve Jobs looking after new Apple device
The computing world has been looking forward to seeing Steve Jobs return to work at Apple, and it seems the co-founder is now back at his post overlooking the company’s strategic decisions.

Currently he’s believed to be managing Apple’s upcoming projects, which includes the new models of iPhone (whatever they might turn out to be) and, more interestingly, a new breed of portable Apple device.

This new piece of hot tech is said to be bigger than an iPhone, but smaller than a laptop, suggesting something of a touchscreen tablet. Rumours of a large form factor iPhone-style device have been heard before, which lend strength to the possibility of an intermediate device in the Apple technology family.

It’s been suggested that T-Mobile has something along similar lines in development using the Android platform, which connects to the mobile broadband networks but is intended for use around the home.

This new breed of larger, portable device could well be the next range of multimedia and connected technology, which is something Apple would undoubtedly be keen to get a head start on considering the popularity of the iPhone.

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