Spanish mobile content firm Zed to buy Player X

Plans to expand business-to-operator services to cost £10 million

Spanish mobile content firm Zed to buy Player X
Player X was launched five years ago as a mobile content aggregator, and has established itself as a diverse supplier of mobile gaming and content to a variety of operators and portals - working closely with companies such as O2 and Pocket Gamer.

The London-based firm is expected to officially announced its acquisition by Spanish mobile content provider Zed for an expected £10 million. The deal comes as Zed reportedly aims to break into business-to-operator services, which Player X’s strong relationships with operators will facilitate.

Alongside the business expansion, Player X also sports a catalogue of original gaming IPs and has begun working with high profile partners such as NBA, Universal and Lionsgate - all of which will be of significant interest to Zed as it attempts to cement its position in the mobile market.

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