Nokia drops Java Verified obligation from Ovi Store

Complaints from developers prompt a digital distribution rethink

Nokia drops Java Verified obligation from Ovi Store
Mobile developers have shown considerable interest in distributing (and, in many cases, redistributing) their games through Nokia's newly launched Ovi Store; despite more than a few teething troubles with the system.

One of the areas of complaint that Nokia has apparently been bombarded with is the requirement for games and applications to go through Java Verified testing before receiving distribution.

Online petitions were launched and complaints sent in due to the Java Verified requirement, which one developer called an "expensive and convoluted process".

Nokia has been very quick to respond, however, and it now seems the obligation has been removed from the Ovi Store submissions system, though applications must still be signed (which also seems to be a matter of some consternation with smaller developers).

Many smaller developers were concerned about the costs of using Java Verified, which essentially limited their access to the Ovi Store - presumably a deciding factor in Nokia's decision to relax the rules.

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