OTOY streams PC-quality gaming to mobile phone browsers

Could include iPhone, Android, Palm and others

OTOY streams PC-quality gaming to mobile phone browsers
The gaming world was quite frankly astounded when software company OTOY demonstrated games such as GTAIV and Crysis running at nigh on full quality within the Internet browser of even the most modest PC. All the power processing is done by service at the other end, with all the data being streamed to the user's PC without having to install any games or code.

As if this wasn't impressive enough, we're now being shown that OTOY's claim of these games working within any Internet browser is quite true. A video over on TechCrunch demonstrates a PC quality version of Crysis running easily in the browser on a Samsung Omnia - not the most basic of mobile phones, but not the most advanced, either.

The OTOY system will work over wi-fi or a 3G connection (apparently operating at speeds as low as 1.5 Mbps), and according to chief strategy officer Mark Tseng, the technology will work on the iPhone and any similar device, such as the Palm Pre, Android and other smartphones.

While there are still a few intricacies to be worked out, it's clear that this system could provide a quantum leap in gaming.

Being able to play the same game of World of Warcraft on your mobile phone as you do on your PC is quite a staggering concept, and could provide a whole new market for PC game developers if people are able to play the exact same game on the go.

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