Freeverse lands 1 millionth Flick Fishing download

Sales boosted by iPhone 3GS release?

Freeverse lands 1 millionth Flick Fishing download
Presumably Freeverse was already quite close to achieving a million downloads of its hit iPhone game Flick Fishing, but it hit the high numbers this weekend as the iPhone 3GS hardware upgrade was rolled out in Apple's primary territories.

The 3.0 software update probably didn't hurt sales either, as the new functions allowed gamers to take advantage of new peer-to-peer multiplayer aspects of Flick Fishing.

"We couldn't be happier that so many people decided to put on their virtual fishing cap and give Flick Fishing a try," said Ian Lynch Smith, president and co-founder of Freeverse. "We're very proud that over one million players have discovered that Flick Fishing is a great way to enjoy summer fun on your iPhone without the pesky flies and mosquitoes."

And Freeverse isn't the only developer to be reeling in seven figure statistics. Firemint also celebrated a million downloads of its casual puzzle game Flight Control last week.

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